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Sun Apr 1 14:26:27 2007 UTC (14 years, 5 months ago) by gregoa
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* New upstream release.
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1 gregoa 680 <document>
2     <properties>
3     <author email="sven@users.sourceforge.net">Sven Meier</author>
4     <title>Spin your Swing</title>
5     </properties>
6     <body>
7     <section name="Overview">
8     <blockquote>
9     <cite><em>Spin</em> is a transparent threading solution for non-freezing Swing applications.</cite>
10     </blockquote>
12     <p>
13     Swing is the standard component architecture for developing Java desktop applications. Its exhaustive collection of widgets is the foundation for easy development of rich graphical user interfaces (GUI).<br />
14     Alas every non trivial <acronym title="Graphical user interface">GUI</acronym> sooner or later encounters the problem of "freeze". This annoying behaviour is experienced by users every time the application performs extensive calculations or blocks for network or disk I/O.
15     </p>
16     <p>
17     We will explain the reason for this <a href="problem.html">problem</a> and explore different techniques to prevent Swing <acronym title="Graphical user interface">GUI</acronym>s from "freezing". We will present our project named <em>Spin</em> which offers a - to our knowledge - revolutionary new approach. It offers a solution for transparent thread handling with minimal impact on your application code.
18     </p>
19     </section>
20     </body>
21     </document>

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