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revision 505 by gregoa, Sat Nov 11 10:18:23 2006 UTC revision 506 by gregoa, Mon Jan 15 15:30:51 2007 UTC
# Line 29  Package: libspin-java-doc Line 29  Package: libspin-java-doc
29  Architecture: all  Architecture: all
30  Section: doc  Section: doc
31  Suggests: libspin-java  Suggests: libspin-java
32  Description: Documentation for libspin-java  Description: transparent threading solution for non-freezing Swing applications (documentation)
33   This package contains the documentation for libspin-java.   Swing is the standard component architecture for developing Java desktop
34     applications. Its exhaustive collection of widgets is the foundation for
35     easy development of rich graphical user interfaces (GUI).
36     .
37     Alas every non trivial GUI sooner or later encounters the problem of
38     "freeze". This annoying behaviour is experienced by users every time the
39     application performs extensive calculations or blocks for network or disk
40     I/O.
41     .
42     Spin offers a - to our knowledge - revolutionary new approach. It offers
43     transparent thread handling with minimal impact on your application code.
44     .
45     This package contains the documentation files.
46   .   .
47    Homepage: http://spin.sourceforge.net/    Homepage: http://spin.sourceforge.net/

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