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1 <%
2 // Java Plug-in Framework (JPF)
3 // Copyright (C) 2004 - 2007 Dmitry Olshansky
4 // $Id: config.jxp,v 1.3 2007/04/07 12:39:50 ddimon Exp $
5 %>
6 <%
7 include("/functions.ijxp");
9 printHeader("JPF Configuration Reference");
10 printMenu("config");
11 %>
12 <div class="content">
13 <h1>JPF Configuration Reference</h1>
14 <p>This page collects in single place all available configuration options for various parts of JPF. Parameters are grouped by corresponding classes that introduce and support them.</p>
15 <p>Note that configuration parameters will be loaded using <a href="api/org/java/plugin/util/ExtendedProperties.html">specially extended</a> version of Properties class, which supports parameters substitution.</p>
16 <h2>Core JPF Library</h2>
17 <h3><a href="api/org/java/plugin/ObjectFactory.html">org.java.plugin.ObjectFactory</a></h3>
18 <dl>
19 <dt>org.java.plugin.ObjectFactory</dt>
20 <dd>Object factory implementation to use.</dd>
21 </dl>
22 <h3><a href="api/org/java/plugin/standard/StandardObjectFactory.html">org.java.plugin.standard.StandardObjectFactory</a></h3>
23 <dl>
24 <dt>org.java.plugin.registry.PluginRegistry</dt>
25 <dd>Plug-in registry implementation to use.</dd>
26 <dt>org.java.plugin.PathResolver</dt>
27 <dd>Path resolver implementation to use.</dd>
28 <dt>org.java.plugin.standard.PluginLifecycleHandler</dt>
29 <dd>Plug-in lifecycle handler implementation to use.</dd>
30 </dl>
31 <p>All implementation classes specific configuration parameter names should be prefixed with corresponding classes name and separating dot (.) character.</p>
32 <h3><a href="api/org/java/plugin/registry/xml/PluginRegistryImpl.html">org.java.plugin.registry.xml.PluginRegistryImpl</a></h3>
33 <dl>
34 <dt>isValidating</dt>
35 <dd>Regulates is registry should use validating parser when loading plug-in manifests. The default parameter value is <code>true</code>.</dd>
36 <dt>stopOnError</dt>
37 <dd>Regulates is registry should stop and throw RuntimeException if an error occurred while <a href="api/org/java/plugin/registry/PluginRegistry.html#register(java.net.URL[])">registering</a> or <a href="api/org/java/plugin/registry/PluginRegistry.html#unregister(java.lang.String[])">un-registering</a> plug-ins. If this is <code>false</code>, the registration errors will be stored in the internal report that is available with <a href="api/org/java/plugin/registry/PluginRegistry.html#checkIntegrity(org.java.plugin.PathResolver,%20boolean)">PluginRegistry.checkIntegrity(PathResolver)</a> method. The default parameter value is <code>false</code>.</dd>
38 </dl>
39 <h3><a href="api/org/java/plugin/standard/ShadingPathResolver.html">org.java.plugin.standard.ShadingPathResolver</a></h3>
40 <dl>
41 <dt>shadowFolder</dt>
42 <dd>Path to the folder where to copy resources to prevent their locking. By default this will be <code>System.getProperty("java.io.tmpdir") + "/.jpf-shadow"</code>. Please note that this folder will be maintained automatically by the Framework and might be cleared without any confirmation or notification. So it is strongly not recommended to use plug-ins folder (or other sensitive application directory) as shadow folder, this may lead to losing your data.</dd>
43 <dt>unpackMode</dt>
44 <dd>If <code>always</code>, "JAR'ed" or "ZIP'ed" plug-ins will be un-compressed to the shadow folder, if <code>never</code>, they will be just copied, if <code>smart</code>, the processing depends on plug-in content - if plug-in contains JAR libraries, it will be un-packed, otherwise just copied to shadow folder. It is also possible to add boolean "unpack" attribute to plug-in manifest, in this case, it's value will be taken into account. The default parameter value is <code>smart</code>.</dd>
45 <dt>excludes</dt>
46 <dd>Pipe <code>'|'</code> separated list of regular expression patterns to be used to exclude files to be shadowed. By default no files excluded.</dd>
47 <dt>includes</dt>
48 <dd>Pipe <code>'|'</code> separated list of regular expression patterns to be used to include files to be shadowed. By default all files included.</dd>
49 </dl>
50 <h3><a href="api/org/java/plugin/standard/StandardPluginLifecycleHandler.html">org.java.plugin.standard.StandardPluginLifecycleHandler</a></h3>
51 <dl>
52 <dt>probeParentLoaderLast</dt>
53 <dd>If <code>true</code>, plug-in classloader will try loading classes from system (boot) classpath <b>after</b> trying to load them from plug-in classpath. Otherwise system classpath will be used <b>first</b>. Default value is <code>false</code> that corresponds to standard delegation model for classloaders hierarchy.</dd>
54 <dt>stickySynchronizing</dt>
55 <dd>Allows advanced configuring of classloaders synchronization in multy-threaded environment. If <code>true</code> then class loading will be synchronized with initial plug-in classloader instance. Otherwise <code>this</code> instance will be used as synchronizing monitor. Default value is <code>false</code>.</dd>
56 <dt>localClassLoadingOptimization</dt>
57 <dd>If <code>true</code> then plug-in classloader will collect local packages statistics to predict class location. This allow to optimize class look-up procedure for classes that belong to the requested plug-in. Default value is <code>true</code>.</dd>
58 <dt>foreignClassLoadingOptimization</dt>
59 <dd>If <code>true</code> then plug-in classloader will collect statistics for "foreign" classes - those which belong to depending plug-ins. This allow to optimize class look-up procedure when enumerating depending plug-ins. Default value is <code>true</code>.</dd>
60 </dl>
61 <h2>JPF Boot Library</h2>
62 <p>Note that JPF Boot library loads all System properties as default values that together with ability of <a href="api/org/java/plugin/util/ExtendedProperties.html">extended properties</a> class to expand parameters substitution allows you to create extremely flexible configurations.</p>
63 <h3><a href="api/org/java/plugin/boot/Boot.html">org.java.plugin.boot.Boot</a></h3>
64 <dl>
65 <dt>jpf.boot.mode</dt>
66 <dd>Application boot mode. Always available as System property also. Default value is <code>shell</code>.</dd>
67 <dt>org.java.plugin.boot.appInitializer</dt>
68 <dd>Application initializer class, for details see <a href="api/org/java/plugin/boot/ApplicationInitializer.html">org.java.plugin.boot.ApplicationInitializer</a>. Default is <a href="api/org/java/plugin/boot/DefaultApplicationInitializer.html">org.java.plugin.boot.DefaultApplicationInitializer</a>.</dd>
69 <dt>org.java.plugin.boot.errorHandler</dt>
70 <dd>Error handler class, for details see <a href="api/org/java/plugin/boot/BootErrorHandler.html">org.java.plugin.boot.BootErrorHandler</a>. Default is <a href="api/org/java/plugin/boot/BootErrorHandlerConsole.html">org.java.plugin.boot.BootErrorHandlerConsole</a> for "service" style applications and <a href="api/org/java/plugin/boot/BootErrorHandlerGui.html">org.java.plugin.boot.BootErrorHandlerGui</a> for "interactive" applications.</dd>
71 <dt>org.java.plugin.boot.controlHost</dt>
72 <dd>Host to be used by background control service, no default values.</dd>
73 <dt>org.java.plugin.boot.controlPort</dt>
74 <dd>Port number to be used by background control service, no default values.</dd>
75 <dt>org.java.plugin.boot.splashHandler</dt>
76 <dd>Splash screen handler class, for details see <a href="api/org/java/plugin/boot/SplashHandler.html">org.java.plugin.boot.SplashHandler</a>. Default is simple splash handler that can only display an image.</dd>
77 <dt>org.java.plugin.boot.splashImage</dt>
78 <dd>Path to an image file to be shown as splash screen. If no file and no handler given, the splash screen will not be shown.</dd>
79 <dt>org.java.plugin.boot.splashLeaveVisible</dt>
80 <dd>If set to <code>true</code>, the <a href="api/org/java/plugin/boot/Boot.html">org.java.plugin.boot.Boot</a> class will not hide splash screen at the end of boot procedure but delegate this function to application code. Default value is <code>false</code>.</dd>
81 <dt>org.java.plugin.boot.splashDisposeOnHide</dt>
82 <dd>If set to <code>false</code>, the <a href="api/org/java/plugin/boot/Boot.html">org.java.plugin.boot.Boot</a> class will not dispose <a href="api/org/java/plugin/boot/SplashHandler.html">splash screen handler</a> when hiding it. This allows you to reuse handler and show splash screen back after it was hidden. Default value is <code>true</code>.</dd>
83 </dl>
84 <p>All parameters with prefix <code>org.java.plugin.boot.splash.</code> will be passed to <a href="api/org/java/plugin/boot/SplashHandler.html#configure(org.java.plugin.util.ExtendedProperties)">splash screen handler</a> as configuration data (prefix will be removed from parameter names).</p>
85 <h3><a href="api/org/java/plugin/boot/DefaultApplicationInitializer.html">org.java.plugin.boot.DefaultApplicationInitializer</a></h3>
86 <dl>
87 <dt>org.java.plugin.boot.applicationPlugin</dt>
88 <dd>ID of plug-in to start. There is no default value for this parameter. In common scenario, this is the only parameter that you must provide.</dd>
89 <dt>org.java.plugin.boot.integrityCheckMode</dt>
90 <dd>Regulates how to check plug-ins integrity when running JPF. Possible values: <code>full</code>, <code>light</code>, <code>off</code>. The default value is <code>full</code>.</dd>
91 <dt>org.java.plugin.boot.pluginsCollector</dt>
92 <dd>Plug-ins location collector class, for details see <a href="api/org/java/plugin/boot/PluginsCollector.html">org.java.plugin.boot.PluginsCollector</a>. Default is <a href="api/org/java/plugin/boot/DefaultPluginsCollector.html">org.java.plugin.boot.DefaultPluginsCollector</a>.</dd>
93 <dt>org.java.plugin.boot.pluginsWhiteList</dt>
94 <dd>Location of the file with plug-in identifiers that should be only accepted by this application initializer. This is optional parameter.</dd>
95 <dt>org.java.plugin.boot.pluginsBlackList</dt>
96 <dd>Location of the file with plug-in identifiers that should not be accepted by this application initializer. This is optional parameter.</dd>
97 </dl>
98 <h3><a href="api/org/java/plugin/boot/DefaultPluginsCollector.html">org.java.plugin.boot.DefaultPluginsCollector</a></h3>
99 <dl>
100 <dt>org.java.plugin.boot.pluginsRepositories</dt>
101 <dd>Comma separated list of local plug-in repositories, given folders will be scanned for plug-ins. Default value is <code>./plugins</code>.</dd>
102 <dt>org.java.plugin.boot.pluginsLocationsDescriptors</dt>
103 <dd>Comma separated list of URLs for XML syntax files that describe available plug-in locations (for details see file <a href="api/org/java/plugin/boot/DefaultPluginsCollector.html">class javadoc</a>). No default value provided.</dd>
104 </dl>
105 </div>
106 <%
107 printFooter();
108 %>

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