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revision 443 by gregoa, Sat Nov 25 17:52:34 2006 UTC revision 555 by gregoa, Mon Feb 26 16:34:45 2007 UTC
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1    Changes from JGraph beta 1 to JGraph beta 2
2    =============================================================
4    This release is a bug fix release resolving all issues reported with the Beta 1
5    release to date.
8    Changes from JGraph to JGraph beta 1
9    =====================================================
11    This release makes a number of, currently, experimental changes that mean it
12    is not assured to be stable and that Java 1.3 can no longer be used.
13    The double buffering support has been developed so that the buffered image
14    is retained constantly making panning and scroll much faster and reducing
15    the time taken to start a drag or resize in a large graph. The option to
16    request that graphics hardware acceleration is used for the double buffering
17    is available, but switched off by default. Also added is the concept of a
18    buffered overlay image for transparent drawing on the foreground without
19    having to redraw the static buffered graph.
21  Changes from JGraph to JGraph  Changes from JGraph to JGraph
22  =============================================  =============================================

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