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Mon Feb 26 16:34:45 2007 UTC (14 years, 2 months ago) by gregoa
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* New upstream release.
1 gregoa 555 Changes from JGraph beta 1 to JGraph beta 2
2     =============================================================
4     This release is a bug fix release resolving all issues reported with the Beta 1
5     release to date.
8     Changes from JGraph to JGraph beta 1
9     =====================================================
11     This release makes a number of, currently, experimental changes that mean it
12     is not assured to be stable and that Java 1.3 can no longer be used.
13     The double buffering support has been developed so that the buffered image
14     is retained constantly making panning and scroll much faster and reducing
15     the time taken to start a drag or resize in a large graph. The option to
16     request that graphics hardware acceleration is used for the double buffering
17     is available, but switched off by default. Also added is the concept of a
18     buffered overlay image for transparent drawing on the foreground without
19     having to redraw the static buffered graph.
21 gregoa 441 Changes from JGraph to JGraph
22     =============================================
24     In addition to supporting an image on the background, a Component may now be
25     drawn as the JGraph background for applications such as mapping. Some
26     performance improvements have been made in the GraphLayoutCache relating to
27     making cells invisible. In the model there have also been performance
28     improvements around the functionality that removes cells.
30     Changes from JGraph to JGraph
31     =============================================
33     This release adds support for a background image that is refreshed during
34     all necessary drag, resize, and model change events.
36     Changes from JGraph to JGraph
37     =============================================
39     Double buffering in JGraph previously consisted of off-screen buffers created
40     in the root handles and size handles to buffer drag-and-resize previews on a
41     per-case basis. However, the review buffered the entire graph image, so
42     recreating the buffer on each operation was expensive in CPU terms. The
43     off-screen buffer and off-screen graphics that are the graphics object of
44     the buffer have been moved to the JGraph class. Also, the cachedLabelBounds
45     and cachedExtraLabelBounds variables in EdgeView were never set (since
46     getLabelBounds() and getExtraLabelBounds() were never called) and have been
47     removed.
49     Changes from JGraph to JGraph
50     =============================================
52     A bug has been fixed where removing the user object did not action correctly.
53     This has been fixed with an additional check in handleAttributes() in
54     DefaultGraphModel. Also added is the getInsertionOffset() hook in
55     GraphTransferHandler to enable positioning of cloned cells without copying
56     the entire importData() method. Finally, a possible NPE
57     in EdgeRenderer.getLabelPosition() has been enclosed in all the necessary
58     null checks.
60     Changes from JGraph to JGraph
61     =============================================
63     Serialization of the WeakHashMap in the GraphLayoutCache has been resolved
64     by adding custom write and read methods. Scaling the graph now is centered
65     correctly and a new setScale method is available to zoom to a custom point.
66     The edgeLabelMovable switch was added to the JGraph class to allow dragging
67     of edge labels to be optionally disabled. There were a number of other minor
68     bug fixes.
70     Changes from JGraph to JGraph
71     =============================================
73     The graph variable in EdgeRenderer has been replaced with a weak reference
74     to ensure that static edge renderers release their reference to the current
75     graph when all other objects do. Also, an example showing the use of a custom
76     cell view factory and an example showing a selection model being synchronized
77     between a graph and a tree were added to the examples package.
79     Changes from JGraph to JGraph
80     =============================================
82     This release adds the PREVIEW_EDGE_GROUP global switch to the GraphContext
83     class, which makes the preview of edge with children optional. A
84     CompoundVertexView example has been added to GraphEd to allow groups to be
85     resized independently of their children (thanks Jerry). The graphics object
86     in JGraph.getImage is manually disposed of to clean up resources quicker.
88     Changes from JGraph to JGraph
89     =============================================
91     A bug fix to a performance improvement made to the default graph model in
92 was required. Fixed ports that connected to floating ports were
93     connecting to the wrong perimeter position on the floating port, this is
94     now resolved. The "port magic" functionality that moves ports to attempt
95     to straighten edges was incorrectly using the mouse position, it now no
96     longer does so.
98     Changes from JGraph to JGraph
99     =============================================
101     A number of performance improvements were made in specific areas, mostly
102     related to lazy instantiation and correct sizing of collections. addPort()
103     was added to DefaultGraphCell to make creating ports easier. hiddenMapping
104     in the GraphLayoutCache is now a WeakHashMap to avoid any possible memory
105     leaks when cells are deleted. Also, in the GraphLayoutCache a helper method,
106     removeViewLocalAttribute(), assists in the process of removing view local
107     attributes and copying them into the model if required. A version of
108     getPortViewAt with a custom tolerance was added to the JGraph class.
110     Changes from JGraph to JGraph
111     =============================================
113     Fixes occasional wrong index when adding new control points to edges, fixes
114     selection check uses cell view in mouse handle, adds marquee handler as an
115     optional serializable field to JGraph and the listener list in the layout cache
116     is no longer transient. GraphEd adds new hooks for subclassers and new examples
117     for serialization and XML encoding have been added to the commercial version.
119     Changes from JGraph to JGraph
120     =============================================
122     A number of changes were made to resolve various serialization issues. The use
123     of transient modifiers was reviewed throughout the code. A problem were undos
124     of cuts of groups could behave incorrectly was corrected. Various hooks for
125     the example code were added.
127     Changes from JGraph to JGraph
128     =============================================
130     Fixes an issue with artifacts being left on the display when cells are dragged.
132     Changes from JGraph 5.7.4 to JGraph
133     ===========================================
135     An automatic resizing feature has been added so the graph expands as you drag
136     out of the bottom or right-hand edges of a scroll pane. An appropriate flag,
137     autoResizeGraph, to toggle the functionality have been added to the JGraph.
138     A bug in the new collapse/expand example, GraphEdX, was fixed. The JGraph
139     User Manual has received a number of corrections and the sections on XML
140     encoding, image and SVG export and use in a headless environment have been
141     improved.
143     Changes from JGraph to JGraph 5.7.4
144     ===========================================
146     The DefaultCellViewFactory is now Serializable, so serializing the main part
147     of the core should work correctly. Some example code from JGraph Layout Pro
148     has been moved into the new GraphEdX example, this includes an XML encoding/
149     decoding example and how to create collapsible groups of cells. The image
150     creation utility method in JGraph has been changed to use print instead of
151     paint to draw graphics, this make certain server-side operations easier and
152     more efficient. Also, a number of minor bugs have been fixed.
154     Changes from JGraph 5.7.3 to JGraph
155     ===========================================
157     The release fixes a critical bug whereby the initialisation ordering of
158     certain static variables was not deterministic and could caused editing
159     to always fail.
161     Changes from JGraph 5.7.2 to JGraph 5.7.3
162     =========================================
164     Adds helper methods, fixes problems in headless environments, allows combined
165     insert/removes/edits in DefaultGraphModel, adds switch to disable port magic.
167     Changes from JGraph 5.7.1 to JGraph 5.7.2
168     =========================================
170     Fixes handling of connectable attribute for edges, sizeable- & moveable axis
171     for groups. Fixes bugs for group translation and sizing, makes cloneCells
172     more stable and fixes the label position for non-loops with multiple points.
174     Changes from JGraph 5.7 to JGraph 5.7.1
175     =======================================
177     Fixes a bug in the attribute map cloning for extra label positions, adds a new
178     helper method to collapse/expand cells, adds automatic resizing and moving of
179     parent cells on collapse and switches to (not) show hidden cells on changes.
181     Changes from JGraph 5.6.3 to JGraph 5.7
182     =======================================
184     The routing interface has changed so that the routing methods now return a list
185     of points instead of accepting a list of points as a parameter. The routing of
186     loops has been separated from the non-loop implementation for the default case
187     so that it is easier to create a new routing implementation and inherit the
188     default loop routing algorithm. Children cells moved as part of a collapsed
189     group now are moved when the parent cell is, if required, using the
190     movesChildrenOnExpand flag.
192     Changes from JGraph to JGraph 5.6.3
193     ===========================================
195     The default vertex and port renderers kept references to the last graph used
196     and this meant that removed JGraph instances could have a static memory
197     footprint. The edge renderer still needs to be removed, however. Edges may
198     now be painted with zero width, so you only see the label. The tolerance in
199     JGraph.getNextViewAt is now scaled according to the current zoom value.
201     Changes from JGraph 5.6.2 to JGraph
202     ===========================================
204     Fixed critical bug in attribute map undo.
206     Changes from JGraph 5.6.1 to JGraph 5.6.2
207     ==========================================
209     Added User Manual to commercial distribution.
211     Changes from JGraph 5.6 to JGraph 5.6.1
212     ==========================================
214     getSelectionCellAt was added as a utility method to JGraph and returns the first
215     selected cell whose bounds the parameter point lies within. The moves-into-group
216     functionality has been corrected so it is based on whether the cells bounds
217     is fully within the bounds of the group cell. Extra labels can now be cloned
218     using ctrl-drag and deleted using shift and mouse press. A bounds cloning bug
219     in JGraph.getCellBounds that caused cells to have a large height occasionally
220     was fixed. getPerimeterPoint for an EdgeView now returns the center of the
221     edge to make edge to edge connection easier. A number of other bugs were also
222     fixed.
224     Changes from JGraph 5.5.3 to JGraph 5.6
225     ==========================================
227     A number of improvements have been made to the expand and collapse
228     functionality. When a group is collapsed edges connecting to now-hidden
229     vertices _visually_ attach to the perimeter point of the first visible
230     parent group. Expanding the group shows the true state of connections again.
231     It is now possible to connect edges directly to other edges.
232     A large number of other bug fixes and functionality improvements were also
233     made, see the ChangeLog for more details.
235     Changes from JGraph 5.5.2 to JGraph 5.5.3:
236     ==========================================
238     The main JGraph class now has switches named moveIntoGroups and moveOutOfGroups
239     that enable drag and drop of cells in and out of group cells. The getImage
240     method was added to make the creation of images of JGraphs easier. A selection
241     of helper methods were added and a number of minor bugs fixed.
242     GraphModel.getValue was added and DefaultGraphModel.getUserObject deprecated.
244     Changes from JGraph 5.5.1 to JGraph 5.5.2:
245     ==========================================
247     Adds a series of constructors and hooks to ease customization, fixes port
248     floating for loops, adds encoding hooks to the default graph model, fixes
249     auto-selection in the examples, adds hooks for vertex rendering and fixes
250     a bug related to finding default ports with overlapping cells.
252     Changes from JGraph 5.5 to JGraph 5.5.1:
253     ==========================================
255     This release makes a number of performance and memory footprint improvements,
256     in particular, in relation to edges. A number of hooks have been added to make
257     it possible to disable various functionality to obtain performance
258     improvements. Various examples and documents were added to the purchased
259     version. Also, a number of minor bugs were fixed and code tidy-ups performed.
261     Changes from JGraph 5.4.7 to JGraph 5.5:
262     ==========================================
264     valueForCellChanged() has been added to the GraphModel interface to enable
265     changing the value of the cell without performing typecasts. Edge labels that
266     cross into negative co-ordinate space are moved into back into the visible area
267     and in-place editing cannot now occur off the screen. Labels on self-references
268     can now be moved. Various casts and type checks were added and various minor
269     bugs fixed.
271     Changes from JGraph 5.4.6 to JGraph 5.4.7:
272     ==========================================
274     Another review of the javadocs was made on the frozen 5.4.x API. Various
275     changes were made to resolve issues with edges whose source and target are
276     ports on the same vertex. Labels on such edges can now be moved and the
277     routing functionality has been corrected. PortView.getLocation now has an
278     additional parameter to support these changes, but no methods have been
279     removed from the API.
281     Changes from JGraph 5.4.5 to JGraph 5.4.6:
282     ==========================================
284     Since the JGraph API has been frozen in the 5.4.x series for stability,
285     the first review of many of the javadocs was undertaken. All warnings were
286     removed and various corrections and updates made. A divide by zero bug
287     was fixed where the label position of an edge is calculated. If the source
288     and target ports were the same port the zero length between the ports
289     went into a calculation as the divisor. This was changed to simply return
290     the label position as being on the port. The helper method
291     GraphLayoutCache.createNestedMap was added and AbstractCellView changed so
292     that it clones cell attributes in the refresh method.
294     Changes from JGraph 5.4.4 to JGraph 5.4.5:
295     ==========================================
297     Fixes major bugs in edge handle for correct handling of model callbacks and
298     placement of labels on scaled graphs, initial label bounds for extra labels,
299     adds a helper method to JGraph and fixes the DefaultEdge.clone method.
301     Changes from JGraph 5.4.3 to JGraph 5.4.4:
302     ==========================================
304     Adds new helper methods in GraphLayoutCache and GraphConstants, improves edge
305     renderer performance, fixes bugs in BasicGraphUI.MouseHandler, GraphEd.connect,
306     adds graph-parameter in BasicMarqueeHandler.paint and overlay.
308     Changes from JGraph 5.4.2 to JGraph 5.4.3:
309     ==========================================
311     Uses new edge labels, reduces memory footprint, fixes bug in layout cache to
312     reload roots, fixes some minor bugs, new cell labels in GraphEd.
314     Changes from JGraph 5.4.1 to JGraph 5.4.2:
315     ==========================================
317     Minor performance ehancements and bug fixes, makes the GraphEd example an
318     applet and adds more hooks.
320     Changes from JGraph 5.4 to JGraph 5.4.1:
321     ========================================
323     Adds performance improvements, new helper methods and hooks in GraphEd, changes
324     variable namings, uses insets in getPreferredSize, adds default inset in
325     GraphConstants and fixes possible orphan ports and other minor bugs.
327     Changes from JGraph 5.3.2 to JGraph 5.4:
328     ========================================
330     Adds event notification to GraphLayoutCache, removes user object from attribute
331     maps, adds various helper methods, adds selection and size-control attributes,
332     adds Abbott-bases tests and fixes numerous bugs.
334     Changes from JGraph 5.3 to JGraph 5.3.2:
335     ========================================
337     Fixes major bugs, improved automatic cell showing/hiding in layout cache,
338     adds more helper methods to model and cache, refactors updateAutoSize and
339     ignores possible NPE in BasicGraphUI.createHandle.
341     Changes from JGraph 5.2.1 to JGraph 5.3:
342     ========================================
344     Adds helper methods to layout cache and graph model, fixes bugs in splines,
345     edge- & portviews, moves transferhandler to its own class, makes rectangles
346     and points xml encodable, general performance improvements.
348     Changes from JGraph 5.2 to JGraph 5.2.1:
349     ========================================
351     Adds new switches, re-enables auto selection, objects ready for XML encoding,
352     major bug fixes for partial layout caches, adds new utility methods to
353     layout cache and graph model, minor API changes.
355     Changes from JGraph 5.1 to JGraph 5.2:
356     ======================================
358     Uses a triple license model (MPL added), has major API changes such as removed
359     dependencies for cell views and layout caches, enhanced setup for extra edge
360     labels, extended observable pattern, new cell view factory, and many bug fixes.
363     Changes from JGraph 5.0.4 to JGraph 5.1:
364     ========================================
366     Adds multiple edge labels, jump to default port, fixes constrained edge
367     editing, new cell selection, allows edges as groups, unifies parameter scaling,
368     cell & cellview order, adds group border attribute, and various helper methods.
371     Changes from JGraph 5.0.3 to JGraph 5.0.4:
372     ==========================================
374     Keeps user objects and attributes in sync, fixes flickering edge connection,
375     class cast exception in example code, changes default group border to 20px.
378     Changes from JGraph 5.0.2 to JGraph 5.0.3:
379     ==========================================
381     Added opaque groups with group borders, fixed handling of in-place
382     edit and cloning for custom user objects, fixed minor bugs.
385     Changes from JGraph 5.0.1 to JGraph 5.0.2:
386     ==========================================
388     Added edge renderer gradient painting mode, fixed some minor bugs.
391     Changes from JGraph 5.0 to JGraph 5.0.1:
392     ========================================
394     Added switches for autosize on value change, disable cell selection, dash
395     offset for edges, gradient background for vertices, per-axis relative or
396     absolute port positions, fixed acceptsSource/Target and preview, fixed
397     attribute map storage and transport separation, and cleaned up code and
398     added more hooks for subclassers.
401     Changes from JGraph 4.0 to JGraph 5.0:
402     ======================================
404     Switched to dual licensing model. Fixed some bugs.
407     Changes from JGraph 3.4.1 to JGraph 4.0:
408     ========================================
410     - Replaced ValueChangeHandler with GraphLayoutCache.valueForCellChanged
411     - Moved createPoint, createRect to AttributeMap
412     - Added AttributeMap, factory method in GraphModel
413     - Fixed GraphEd add/remove point with shift
414     - Replaced Map with AttributeMap (major API change)
417     Changes from JGraph 3.4 to JGraph 3.4.1:
418     ========================================
420     Disables some default behaviour, allows spline and bezier edges
421     with an arbitrary number of control points, fixes minor bugs.
424     Changes from JGraph 3.3 to JGraph 3.4:
425     ======================================
427     Can handle overlapping edges, makes inner handles static,
428     moves some control methods to handles. Minor API changes.
431     Changes from JGraph 3.2 to JGraph 3.3:
432     ======================================
434     Supports view-local attributes, sizeable in-place editors, sizing
435     and moving along one axis, and offers a series of minor
436     API changes and bug fixes. Includes latest examples.
439     Changes from JGraph 3.1 to JGraph 3.2:
440     ======================================
442     Can draw labels along edges, uses double precision coordinates, fixes handling
443     of negative coordinates and in-place editing, adds map to default graph model.
446     Changes from JGraph 3.0 to JGraph 3.1:
447     ======================================
449     Ant-based build environment. BSD-style license. A series of bug fixes and minor
450     API changes.
453     Changes from JGraph 2.2.2 to JGraph 3.0:
454     ========================================
456     This is a package renaming change and directory cleanup. More changes for 3.x
457     are planned.
460     Changes from JGraph 2.2.1 to JGraph 2.2.2:
461     ==========================================
463     This release fixes major bugs in the clipboard, as well as the ordering
464     of cells in the clipboard, and adds a hook in the EdgeRenderer class.
468     Changes from JGraph 2.2 to JGraph 2.2.1:
469     ========================================
471     This is a bug fix release that fixes a bug in the clipboard. Some minor
472     API changes go with this release..
476     Changes from JGraph 2.1.1 to JGraph 2.2:
477     ========================================
479     Painting performance improvements, cleaned up API, removed dependency
480     between ParentMap and GraphModel, added clone method, added methods to
481     access the previous state of the model after a change, new vertex
482     renderer constructor, and numerous bug fixes.
486     Changes from JGraph 2.1 to 2.1.1
487     ================================
489     Minor changes such as bean property methods and empty constructor added to
490     ConnectionSet for XMLEncoding, added Null-Check to isCellEditable, fixed
491     shared points bug in DefaultEdge, disable autosize during in-place edit.
494     Changes from JGraph 2.0 to 2.1
495     ==============================
497     Moved all GraphCell dependencies to the GraphModel, added multiple grid styles,
498     new font attribute, and the API is now ready for combined port/vertex cells.
499     Bug fixes include improved live-preview, better zoom/grid integration, handling
500     of negative coordinates, and minor bug fixes. Java 1.4 is the default version.
504     Changes from JGraph 1.0.7 to 2.0
505     ================================
507     This release has a new API with new features. The get an overview of the
508     most important changes and how they affect your code you should read the
509     "New Features" and "Upgrading from 1.0.x" chapters.
511     New Features:
512     -------------
514     * Cell Visiblity:
515     The GraphView, which is now called GraphLayoutCache offers a set of methods
516     to show/hide cells, namely the setVisible method. This method fully supports
517     undo/redo and in contrast to the earlier implementation using the visible
518     attribute, this implementation does not allocate memory for invisible cells
519     in a cache. The GraphLayoutCache contains built-in functions to automatically
520     show edges between visible cells. When inserting and editing cells in a
521     partial view, that is, one that does not show all cells of the model, then
522     you should use the GraphLayoutCache's insert and edit method to allow the
523     view to make the cells automatically visible (this way, the cell becomes
524     visible in the view where is was inserted. The view (aka. cache) can be set
525     up to insert new edges automatically in all views where the source and target
526     ports are visible.
527     Use the following GraphLayoutCache members to control automatic display:
528     - showAllEdgesForVisibleVertices: Show edges on insert or change if their
529     source and target vertex is visible
530     - showEdgesOnShow: Show edges if their source and target vertex is displayed
531     - hideEdgesOnHide: Hide edges if their source and target vertex is hidden
532     - hideEdgesOnBecomeInvisible: Hide edges if their source and target becomes
533     invisible (for example after removal)
534     These members are set to true by default.
535     Note: This feature allows to implement collapse/expand of groups.
537     * View-Local Attributes:
538     In the 1.0.x version, the GraphModel decided if it was an attribute store by
539     use of the isAttributeStore method. In 2.0.x, it is the view who decides
540     which attributes are view-local and which are global. Also, the edit method
541     can now be called with a single attribute map that uses cells as the keys.
542     The GraphLayoutCache provides a hook for subclassers, namely the
543     createLocalEdit method to implement attribute splitting. The CellView's
544     implementation was changed to override the global attributes with the
545     view-local ones for. To enable this feature the code must use the
546     GraphLayoutCache's edit, insert and remove methods instead of the model's.
547     The view analyzes these method arguments, and extracts the view-local
548     attributes before updating the model for the change.
549     Note: This new feature allows more fine-grained control of view-local and
550     global attributes. By removing the isAttributeStore and isOrdered methods
551     it is not any more required that the model is aware of this feature. The
552     ROUTING and POINTS attributes should be kept at the same location.
553     Tip: Use GraphLayoutCache.rememberCellViews to control if view-local
554     attributes should be remembered for hidden cells.
556     * Edge Routing & Self References:
557     A new attribute ROUTING was added that is interpreted by the EdgeView. The
558     values for this key must implement the Edge.Routing interface, which extends
559     the Serializable interface. The GraphConstants class provides a static instance
560     ROUTING_SIMPLE of the DefaultEdge.DefaultRouting class. As the name implies this
561     is the default implementation of the Routing interface. It allows simple routing
562     and handles self-references.
564     * Smaller Command History:
565     The command history does only store the actual change, resulting in a smaller
566     command history. In earlier versions, the complete state of all changed cells
567     and views was stored.
570     API Changes:
571     ------------
572     (Only the most important changes are listed below.)
574     Removed Members:
575     * GraphConstants.createPropertyMap
576     * GraphModel.isOrdered
577     * GraphModel.isAttributeStore
578     * GraphConstants.is/setVisible
579     * CellRenderer.supportsAttribute
580     * AbstractCellView.isControlAttribute
582     New members:
583     * BasicGraphUI.is/setSnapSelectedView
584     A view under mousepointer may be snapped to the grid lines or moved by a
585     constant increment during a drag operation based on this value.
586     * Edge.Routing
587     * GraphConstants.ROUTING_SIMPLE
588     * DefaultEdge.DefaultRouting class
589     * GraphConstants.get/setRouting
590     * GraphConstants.createAttributes
591     This is a helper method that may be used to create an attribute map
592     * GraphLayoutCache.reset, is/setVisible, partial, ordered
593     * DefaultGraphModel.getSource/TargetVertex
594     Static helper method that calls getParent(getSource/Target) on the model
595     * GraphLayoutCache.hiddenSet
596     Used to remember local attributes of visible cells
597     * JGraph.VERSION (use JGraph -version)
598     * VertexRenderer.paintSelectionBorder
599     Provided for subclassers to control drawing the selection border
600     * VertexRenderer.is/setHideGroups
601     Controls whether groups are fully painted by the renderer
602     * Provide a handleEditTrigger Hook in BasicGraphUI.MouseHandler
604     Changes:
605     * GraphView renamed to GraphLayoutCache
606     In accordance with JTree.TreeLayoutCache
607     * JGraph.get/setView renamed to JGraph.get/setGraphLayoutCache
608     To reflect this change
609     * JGraph.SnapSize renamed to Tolerance (including getter, setter etc.)
610     * JGraph.convertValueToString support view-local values
611     The CellView decides what label to display
612     * DefaultGraphCell.setAttributes renamed to changeAttributes
613     Setter and getter methods should be used for bean properties.
614     * Port.add/remove renamed to Port.addEdge/removeEdge
615     (see http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?thread_id=773281&forum_id=140880)
616     * GraphConstants.ARROW prefix added to arrow styles
617     * GraphConstants.STYLE prefix added to line styles
618     * getPerimterPoint method was moved to the renderer
619     * GraphViewChange.getAttributeMap renamed to getAttributes
620     * GraphModelChange.getStoredAttributeMap renamed to getPreviousAttributes
621     * DefaultGraphModel.handlePropertyMap renamed to handleAttributes
622     * importData may return false to signal sender to not remove cells
623     (Override importDataImpl instead of importData in GraphTransferHandler)
624     * DefaultGraphSelectionModel.isChildrenSelectable now supports a cell argument
625     * GraphLayoutCache.toBack/toFront take cells as arguments
626     * GraphModel.insert and edit Argument order unified
629     Fixed bugs:
630     -----------
632     * Rounding erros on large zoom levels removed:
633     The BasicGraphUI.RootHandles implementation did not work property for
634     large zoom levels. Thanks to Jenya for the patch!
635     * The maximum number of edges to paint in live-preview is now MAXCELLS
636     * EdgeHandle does now support the SHIFT-key for constrained moving
637     * Added some accessor methods to BasicMarqueeHandler for subclassers
638     * BasicGraphUI.PropertyChangeListener calls repaint after GraphLayoutCache change
639     * JGraph.setGraphLayoutCache checks and updates the cache's model if necessary
640     * Vertices are not removed when their last port is removed dynamically
641     Groups are still automatically removed when their last child cell is removed
642     * EdgeRenderer now cached the created Shape in the corresponding EdgeView
643     * BasicGraphUI.isDescendant uses GraphModel interface to return its data
644     * Live preview during real DND (only for JDK < 1.4.0, see BasicGraphUI line 28)
645     * DefaultEdge.constructor offers user object und boolean (allows children)
646     * JGraph.disconnectOnMove must check the CONNECTABLE/DISCONNECTABLE attributes
647     * Vertex, Port and Edge may carry the CONNECTABLE/DISCONNECTABLE attributes
648     * NPE on edge change when new the port was not visible in other view removed
649     * Groups may contain ports (Concurrency side-effects in EdgeRenderer.createShape)
650     * Cache the bounds property of groups and recompute on change of children only
651     * GetBounds-Infinite-Loop solved by exluding childedges between childs to group
652     * Propagate CellView.update to parent instead of child (bubble up)
653     * TransferHandler now supports move and DnD across multiple views, models and JVMS
654     * Clone edges when reconnected and the Control key is pressed
655     * ExecutableGraphChange interface added to execute all changes in model (Delegation)
656     Also the GraphLayoutCache's changes are executed and dispatched by the model
657     * In-place editing from empty to non-empty content is incorrectly undone
658     * Removed in-place manipulation of BOUNDS-attribute in SizeHandle and RootHandle
659     * Changed execution order of compound edits: first model then args in-order
660     * Use GraphModel interface in DefaultGraphModel.getRoots only (no typecast)
661     * GraphLayoutCache.getMapping may return null (if cell is not visible)
662     * GraphUndoManager.redo throws CannotRedoException instead of CannotUndoException
663     * Handles.initOffscreen is protected instead of package private
666     Other changes:
667     --------------
669     * To-do list added:
670     A new to-do list for JGraph was added. The list is intended for developers
671     as a roadmap for additional features, examples and research activities.
672     * Version Naming Changed:
673     The new version naming uses Swiss cities, where each City denotes a major
674     release of the API. This means, all JGraph 2.0.x are said to be based on
675     the Geneva API.
676     * New JGraphpad Administrator:
677     Please welcome Van Woods as the new JGraphpad administrator!
678     See http://sourceforge.net/forum/message.php?msg_id=1833812
679     * JGraphpad updated:
680     JGraphpad ported to JGraph 2.0. Release date is later this week.
681     * Examples updated:
682     All example have been updated to use JGraph 2.0. Currently, the examples are
683     only available for download. The CVS repository still contains the old code.
684     * Website updated:
685     Many minor changes and updates on the website. Main changes include an
686     optional license fee and donate button, a new banner and some additional
687     links in the showcase etc.
690     Upgrading from 1.0.x:
691     ---------------------
693     Here is an example. Please note the following in the example below:
695     => We use Cells as keys to create the nested map instead of CellViews
696     => We use the GraphLayoutCache's edit method instead of the model's
697     => The order of the edit/insert method's arguments has changed
698     => We use graph.getLayoutCache instead of graph.getView
700     * JGraph 1.0.x:
702     if (!graph.getModel().isAttributeStore())
703     cells = getView().getMapping(cells);
704     Map viewMap = new Hashtable();
705     for (int i = 0; i < cells.length; i++)
706     viewMap.put(cells[i], GraphConstants.cloneMap(map));
707     if (graph.getModel().isAttributeStore())
708     graph.getModel().edit(null, viewMap, null, null);
709     else
710     graph.getView().edit(viewMap);
712     * JGraph 2.0.x (Geneva Code):
714     Map nested = new Hashtable();
715     for (int i = 0; i < cells.length; i++)
716     nested.put(cells[i], GraphConstants.cloneMap(map));
717     graph.getGraphLayoutCache().edit(nested, null, null, null);

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