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revision 429 by gregoa, Fri Nov 17 21:04:22 2006 UTC revision 1255 by gregoa, Mon Apr 7 19:00:03 2008 UTC
# Line 3  Line 3 
4    <developers>    <developers>
5      <person name="Ben Litchfield"      email="ben@benlitchfield.com"      id="BJL" />      <person name="Ben Litchfield"      email="ben@benlitchfield.com"      id="BJL" />
6        <person name="Christopher Oezbek" email="oezi@oezi.de" id="CO" />
7      <!-- Add more people here -->      <!-- Add more people here -->
8    </developers>    </developers>
# Line 20  Line 21 
21        src/documentation/resources/images/<foo>.jpg images, these will        src/documentation/resources/images/<foo>.jpg images, these will
22        automatically be used for entries of type <foo>. -->        automatically be used for entries of type <foo>. -->
23    <changes>    <changes>
24      <release version="0.1.0" date="Planned Release: May 2006">      <release version="0.2.0" date="2/28/2007">
25          <action context="code" dev="CO" type="add">Added methods in XMLUtil and XMPMetadata to save to output stream.</action>
26          <action context="code" dev="CO" type="fix">Fixed bug in DateConverter.toCalendar concerning timezones.</action>
27          <action context="code" dev="CO" type="fix">Type property in DublinCore is a bag value and not a text proper.</action>
28          <action context="code" dev="CO" type="fix">CreateTool in XMPSchemaBasic renamed to CreatorTool.</action>
29          <action context="code" dev="CO" type="fix">Fixed bug in getTextProperty related to empty nodes.</action>
30          <action context="code" dev="CO" type="fix">removeBagValue and removeSequence now remove all matching nodes.</action>
31          <action context="code" dev="CO" type="fix">Fixed bug with wrong error message with constructor invocation in XMPMetadata.</action>
32          <action context="code" dev="CO" type="add">Added methods to contribute new XMPSchema-types to JempBox in XMPMetadata.</action>
33          <action context="code" dev="CO" type="add">First couple of unit-tests.</action>
34        </release>
35        <release version="0.1.0" date="5/1/2006">
36        <action context="code" dev="BJL" type="add">Initial Version</action>        <action context="code" dev="BJL" type="add">Initial Version</action>
37      </release>      </release>
38    </changes>    </changes>

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