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Revision 1321 - (show annotations)
Wed May 28 17:45:12 2008 UTC (13 years ago) by gregoa
File size: 741 byte(s)
* Add Czech debconf translation, thanks to Daniel Kavan
  (closes: #483299).
* Add note for translators to debconf template and change back localized
  versions of ".example" to the original as mandated by RFC 2606.
* Convert de.po from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8.
1 Template: iodine/start_daemon
2 Type: boolean
3 Default: false
4 _Description: Should iodined (server) start on boot?
5 If you want iodined to be started at boot time you can set this behaviour here.
7 Template: iodine/daemon_options
8 Type: string
9 #flag:comment:2
10 # TRANSLATORS: please don't translate/change ".example" (RFC 2606)
11 _Description: Options to iodined (server):
12 You need to give the necessary arguments to iodined; see iodined(8) for help.
13 Example: tunnel.mydomain.example
15 Template: iodine/daemon_password
16 Type: password
17 _Description: Password for iodined (server):
18 Enter the password iodined uses at startup. It has to be used by clients
19 when connecting.
20 This password will be stored in plain text in /etc/default/iodine.

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