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1 '\" t
2 .\" Title: bti
3 .\" Author: [see the "AUTHOR" section]
4 .\" Generator: DocBook XSL Stylesheets v1.76.1 <http://docbook.sf.net/>
5 .\" Date: May 2008
6 .\" Manual: bti
7 .\" Source: bti
8 .\" Language: English
9 .\"
10 .TH "BTI" "1" "May 2008" "bti" "bti"
11 .\" -----------------------------------------------------------------
12 .\" * Define some portability stuff
13 .\" -----------------------------------------------------------------
14 .\" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
15 .\" http://bugs.debian.org/507673
16 .\" http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/groff/2009-02/msg00013.html
17 .\" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
18 .ie \n(.g .ds Aq \(aq
19 .el .ds Aq '
20 .\" -----------------------------------------------------------------
21 .\" * set default formatting
22 .\" -----------------------------------------------------------------
23 .\" disable hyphenation
24 .nh
25 .\" disable justification (adjust text to left margin only)
26 .ad l
27 .\" -----------------------------------------------------------------
29 .\" -----------------------------------------------------------------
30 .SH "NAME"
31 bti \- send a tweet to twitter\&.com or identi\&.ca from the command line
33 .HP \w'\fBbti\fR\ 'u
34 \fBbti\fR [\fB\-\-account\ account\fR] [\fB\-\-password\ password\fR] [\fB\-\-action\ action\fR] [\fB\-\-user\ screenname\fR] [\fB\-\-host\ HOST_NAME\fR] [\fB\-\-proxy\ PROXY:PORT\fR] [\fB\-\-logfile\ LOGFILE\fR] [\fB\-\-config\ CONFIGFILE\fR] [\fB\-\-replyto\ ID\fR] [\fB\-\-retweet\ ID\fR] [\fB\-\-page\ PAGENUMBER\fR] [\fB\-\-bash\fR] [\fB\-\-shrink\-urls\fR] [\fB\-\-debug\fR] [\fB\-\-dry\-run\fR] [\fB\-\-verbose\fR] [\fB\-\-version\fR] [\fB\-\-help\fR]
36 .PP
37 bti sends a tweet message to twitter\&.com or identi\&.ca\&.
39 .PP
40 \fB\-\-account account\fR
41 .RS 4
42 Specify the twitter\&.com or identi\&.ca account name\&.
43 .RE
44 .PP
45 \fB\-\-password password\fR
46 .RS 4
47 Specify the password of your twitter\&.com or identi\&.ca account\&.
48 .RE
49 .PP
50 \fB\-\-action action\fR
51 .RS 4
52 Specify the action which you want to perform\&. Valid options are "update" to send a message, "friends" to see your friends timeline, "public" to track public timeline, "replies" to see replies to your messages and "user" to see a specific user\*(Aqs timeline\&. Default is "update"\&.
53 .RE
54 .PP
55 \fB\-\-user screenname\fR
56 .RS 4
57 Specify the user whose messages you want to see when the action is "user"\&.
58 .RE
59 .PP
60 \fB\-\-host HOST_NAME\fR
61 .RS 4
62 Specify the host which you want to send your message to\&. Valid options are "twitter" to send to twitter\&.com and "identica" to send to identi\&.ca\&. If you want to send the message to a custom StatusNet installation, you should specify the API URI\&. For example identi\&.ca\*(Aqs URI is: https://identi\&.ca/api/statuses
63 .sp
64 If no host is specified, the default is to send to twitter\&.com\&.
65 .RE
66 .PP
67 \fB\-\-proxy PROXY:PORT\fR
68 .RS 4
69 Specify a http proxy value\&. This is not a required option, and only needed by systems that are behind a http proxy\&.
70 .sp
71 If \-\-proxy is not specified but the environment variable \*(Aqhttp_proxy\*(Aq is set the latter will be used\&.
72 .RE
73 .PP
74 \fB\-\-logfile LOGFILE\fR
75 .RS 4
76 Specify a logfile for bti to write status messages to\&. LOGFILE is in relation to the user\*(Aqs home directory, not an absolute path to a file\&.
77 .RE
78 .PP
79 \fB\-\-config CONFIGFILE\fR
80 .RS 4
81 Specify a config file for bti to read from\&. By default, bti looks in the ~/\&.bti file for config values\&. This default location can be overridden by setting a specific file with this option\&.
82 .RE
83 .PP
84 \fB\-\-replyto ID\fR
85 .RS 4
86 Status ID of a single post to which you want to create a threaded reply to\&.
87 .sp
88 For twitter, this is ignored unless the message starts with the @name of the owner of the post with the status ID\&.
89 .sp
90 For status\&.net, this can link any two messages into context with each other\&. Status\&.net will also link a message that contains an @name without this without regard to context\&.
91 .RE
92 .PP
93 \fB\-\-retweet ID\fR
94 .RS 4
95 Status ID of a single post which you want to retweet\&.
96 .RE
97 .PP
98 \fB\-\-shrink\-urls\fR
99 .RS 4
100 Scans the tweet text for valid URL patterns and passes each through the supplied bti\-shrink\-urls script\&. The script will pass the URL to a web service that shrinks the URLs, making it more suitable for micro\-blogging\&.
101 .sp
102 The following URL shrinking services are available: http://2tu\&.us/ (default) and http://bit\&.ly / http://j\&.mp
103 .sp
104 See the documentation for bti\-shrink\-urls for the configuration options\&.
105 .RE
106 .PP
107 \fB\-\-debug\fR
108 .RS 4
109 Print a whole bunch of debugging messages to stdout\&.
110 .RE
111 .PP
112 \fB\-\-page PAGENUMBER\fR
113 .RS 4
114 When the action is to retrieve updates, it usually retrieves only one page\&. If this option is used, the page number can be specified\&.
115 .RE
116 .PP
117 \fB\-\-dry\-run\fR
118 .RS 4
119 Performs all steps that would normally be done for a given action, but will not connect to the service to post or retrieve data\&.
120 .RE
121 .PP
122 \fB\-\-verbose\fR
123 .RS 4
124 Verbose mode\&. Print status IDs and timestamps\&.
125 .RE
126 .PP
127 \fB\-\-bash\fR
128 .RS 4
129 Add the working directory and a \*(Aq$\*(Aq in the tweet message to help specify it is coming from a command line\&. Don\*(Aqt put the working directory and the \*(Aq$\*(Aq in the tweet message\&.
130 .sp
131 This option implies
132 \fB\-\-background\fR\&.
133 .RE
134 .PP
135 \fB\-\-background\fR
136 .RS 4
137 Do not report back any errors that might have happened when sending the message, and send it in the background, returning immediately, allowing the user to continue on\&.
138 .RE
139 .PP
140 \fB\-\-version\fR
141 .RS 4
142 Print version number\&.
143 .RE
144 .PP
145 \fB\-\-help\fR
146 .RS 4
147 Print help text\&.
148 .RE
150 .PP
151 bti provides an easy way to send tweet messages direct from the command line or any script\&. It reads the message on standard input and uses the account and password settings either from the command line options, or from a config file, to send the message out\&.
152 .PP
153 Its primary focus is to allow you to log everything that you type into a bash shell, in a crazy, "this is what I\*(Aqm doing right now!" type of way, letting the world follow along with you constant moving between directories and refreshing your email queue to see if there\*(Aqs anything interesting going on\&.
154 .PP
155 To hook bti up to your bash shell, export the following variable:
156 .PP
158 PROMPT_COMMAND=\*(Aqhistory 1 | sed \-e "s/^\es*[0\-9]*\es*//" | bti \-\-bash\*(Aq
159 .PP
160 This example assumes that you have the
161 ~/\&.bti
162 set up with your account and password information already in it, otherwise you can specify them as an option\&.
164 .PP
165 The account and password can be stored in a configuration file in the users home directory in a file named
166 \&.bti\&. The structure of this file is as follows:
167 .PP
168 \fBaccount\fR
169 .RS 4
170 The twitter\&.com or identi\&.ca account name you wish to use to send this message with\&.
171 .RE
172 .PP
173 \fBpassword\fR
174 .RS 4
175 The twitter\&.com or identi\&.ca password for the account you wish to use to send this message with\&.
176 .RE
177 .PP
178 \fB\-\-action action\fR
179 .RS 4
180 Specify the action which you want to perform\&. Valid options are "update" to send a message, "friends" to see your friends timeline, "public" to track public timeline, "replies" to see replies to your messages and "user" to see a specific user\*(Aqs timeline\&.
181 .RE
182 .PP
183 \fB\-\-user screenname\fR
184 .RS 4
185 Specify the user you want to see his/her messages while the action is "user"\&.
186 .RE
187 .PP
188 \fBhost\fR
189 .RS 4
190 The host you want to use to send the message to\&. Valid options are either "twitter" or "identica" to send to twitter\&.com or identi\&.ca respectively\&. If you want to send the message to a custom StatusNet installation, you should specify the API URI\&. For example identi\&.ca\*(Aqs URI is: https://identi\&.ca/api/statuses\&.
191 .RE
192 .PP
193 \fBproxy\fR
194 .RS 4
195 The http proxy needed to send data out to the Internet\&.
196 .RE
197 .PP
198 \fBlogfile\fR
199 .RS 4
200 The logfile name for bti to write what happened to\&. This file is relative to the user\*(Aqs home directory\&. If this file is not specified here or on the command line, no logging will be written to the disk\&.
201 .RE
202 .PP
203 \fBreplyto\fR
204 .RS 4
205 The status ID to which all notices will be linked to\&.
206 .sp
207 There is no sane reason for a need to have this set in a config file\&. One such reason is to have all your messages as children to a particular status\&.
208 .RE
209 .PP
210 \fBshrink\-urls\fR
211 .RS 4
212 Setting this variable to \*(Aqtrue\*(Aq or \*(Aqyes\*(Aq will enable the URL shrinking feature\&. This is equivalent to using the \-\-shrink\-urls option\&.
213 .RE
214 .PP
215 \fBverbose\fR
216 .RS 4
217 Setting this variable to \*(Aqtrue\*(Aq or \*(Aqyes\*(Aq will enable the verbose mode\&.
218 .RE
219 .PP
220 There is an example config file called
221 bti\&.example
222 in the source tree that shows the structure of the file if you need an example to work off of\&.
223 .PP
224 Configuration options have the following priority:
225 .PP
226 .RS 4
227 command line option
228 .RE
229 .PP
230 .RS 4
231 config file option
232 .RE
233 .PP
234 .RS 4
235 environment variables
236 .RE
237 .PP
238 For example, command line options always override any config file option, or any environment variables\&. Unless a config file is specified by the command line\&. At that point, the new config file is read, and any previous options set by a command line option, would be overridden\&.
239 .SH "AUTHOR"
240 .PP
241 Written by Greg Kroah\-Hartman <greg@kroah\&.com> and Amir Mohammad Saied <amirsaied@gmail\&.com>\&.

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