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# Line 17  bti is developed using git and the tree Line 17  bti is developed using git and the tree
17          git://github.com/gregkh/bti.git          git://github.com/gregkh/bti.git
18  and browsed at:  and browsed at:
19          http://github.com/gregkh/bti/          http://github.com/gregkh/bti/
22    About OAuth configuration
24    If you want to use an OAuth-enabled service (like twitter), you should
25    configure bti to use the consumer key and secret shipped with the source
26    code (check the oath.keys file).
28    For example, you should add the following two lines to your ~/.bti
29    configuration file:
31    ---8<-------------------
32    # Consumer key
33    consumer_key=cZy8DdioswAfu3LJYg6E2w
35    # Consumer secret
36    consumer_secret=fnIGGU0T12mMWKjmThUdSeKN32NLWfmnwapwubVQ
37    ---8<-------------------
39    The next time that you run bti, you will be told to visit an URL that
40    will provide you a PIN number. You should then input that number in the
41    bti prompt, and you will be given two new configuration values
42    (access_token_secret and access_token_key) that you need to add to your
43    bti configuration file to authenticate requests from bti.

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